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AA (P)

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Beginner Pattern Partner
Barb Monroe (USA) & Dave Monroe (USA) - April 2022
AA - Walker Hayes
Soul - Lee Brice
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(16 count intro)

Start in side by side sweetheart (cape) position
Footwork is the same throughout and arms stay connected throughout
Alternate Music: Raised Like That by James Johnston

(1-8) Shuffle forward (x2), Shuffle backwards (x2)
1&2Shuffle forward L R L
3&4Shuffle forward R L R
5&6Turning ½ turn R shuffle backward L R L (facing RLOD)
7&8Shuffle backwards R L R

(9-16) Walking ½ turn, Shuffle forward, Walk, Walk, Shuffle
1-2Turn ¼ turn L stepping L, Turn ¼ turn L stepping R (facing LOD)
3&4Shuffle forward L R L
5-6Walk forward R, L
7&8Shuffle forward R L R

(17-24) 8 count vine
1-4Turn ¼ turn R stepping L, Step R behind L, Step L side, Step R over L (facing OLOD)
5-8Step L side, Step R behind, Step L side, Step R over L

(25-32) Side rock, Cross rock, Step ¼ L, Step, Kick ball change
1-4Rock side L, Recover R, Cross L over R, Recover R
5-6Turning ¼ L step L, Walk forward R (facing LOD)
7&8Kick L forward, Recover on ball of L, Step R forward

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Last Update: 26 Sep 2023

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