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Soul Baby

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Sarah Simmons (USA) - May 2022
Soul - Lee Brice
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#1 restart on wall 2, 44 counts in: 1/4

Modified Rumba box step right together shuffle forward on the right, step left together shuffle forward on left
1-Weight on left step R to R side
2-Step L next to R
3&4-shuffle fwd RLR
5-Step L to L side
6-Step R next to L
7&8-shuffle fwd LRL

Right rock recover triple step with ½ turn over right, step left pivot ½ over right, left triple step/shuffle forward
1-rock fwd on R
2-recover L
3&4-½ turn over right 180 (6’o) triple step RLR
5-Step left fwd
6-Pivot on L 180 to right (12’o)
7&8-shuffle/triple step LRL

Step point left, step point right, ¼ jazz square to the right,
1-Step fwd R over L
2-Point L to L
3-Step fwd L over R
4-Point R to R
5-Cross R over L
6-Step L back ¼ turn right (3’o)
7-Step R to side
8-Step L fwd

Weave to the right, right side rock recover, syncopated weave to the left
1-Step R to R
2-L behind R
3-R to R
4-L over R
5-Step/rock R
6-Recover L
7&8-step R behind L, L to L, R over L

Left side step hold, left side step hold, left step rock recover to the right and syncopated weave ¼ turn to the back,
&1 2-Step L out to L Hold
&3 4-Shuffle R to L, L to L hold
&5 6-Shuffle R to L, L to L Rock Recover R (roll L hip for style)
7&8-step L behind R, R to R side, L over R ¼ turn (6’o)

Right kick ball cross ¼ turn back to the left, Volta ½ turn over right
&1-Kick R
&2-Step R ball, Step L over R
3-Step back R ¼ turn left (3’o)
4-Step on L next to R**** restart wall 2 only
5&6&7&8-half-turn R step RLRLR (9’o)

Walk left right, triple/chase ½ turn over the right, Right shuffle forward, left rock recover,
1-Step fwd L
2-Step fwd R
&3&4-Step L pivot 180 to R, step R Step L (3’o)
5&6-shuffle fwd RLR
7-Rock fwd L
8-Recover R

Triple ½ turn over the left, right scissor step, left Monterey turn ¼ turn left, right Monterey/point in place
1&2-Step/shuffle L R L ½ turn left (9’o)
3&4Push/Step R to right Recover L, cross R over L
5-Point L to left
6 -¼ turn L Monterey turn (6o’)
7-Point R to R
8-Bring R to L with point or hitch

Alternate music : Back to Me

Last Update: 13 Nov 2022

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