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Beer With My Friends

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Tina Argyle (UK) - September 2022
Beer With My Friends - Kenny Chesney & Old Dominion
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Count In : 16 Counts from very start of track – start on the word ‘beer’

Side, Behind & Heel & Cross. Side , Behind & Cross Side
1 - 2Step R to right side, cross L behind R
&3Step R slightly back and side, touch L heel to L diagonal
&4Step L in place, cross R over L
5 - 6Step L to left side, cross R behind L
&7Step L to left side, cross R over L
8Step L to left side

Rock Back Recover, ¼ Turn Shuffle Back. ¼ Turn Stepping Side, Cross. Side Rock Recover.
1 - 2Rock R behind L , Recover weight onto L
3&4Make ¼ turn left stepping back R, close L at side of R, step back R (9 o’clock)
5 - 6Make ¼ turn left stepping L to left side Cross R over L (6 o’clock)
7 - 8Rock L to left side, recover weight onto R facing right diagonal of 6 o’clock wall

Cross Point, Step Back Point. Jazz ¼ Turn Step Fwd.
1 - 2Still on the diagonal cross L over R, point R to right side
3 - 4Still on the diagonal step back R, point L to left side
5 - 6Cross L over right, make ¼ turn left stepping back R (3 o’clock)
7 - 8Step L to left side, step Fwd, R

L Shuffle Forward. Step ½ Pivot Turn. Step ½ Turn Cross
1& 2Step fwd L close R at side of L step fwd L
3 - 4Step fwd R make ½ turn left onto L (9 o’clock)
5 - 6Step fwd R, make ¼ turn right stepping back L (12 o’clock)
7 - 8Make ¼ turn right stepping R to right side, Cross L over R (3 o’clock)

Here’s to many more beers with my friends!!

Thanks to Steve Lovett for bringing this track to my attention

tilly September 11, 2022
Fab dance. Fab music. A winner once again Tina. ❤️ The Lovebirds

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