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Take Myself Dancing

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Easy Intermediate
Alison Metelnick (UK) & Jo Kinser (UK) - January 2023
Flowers - Miley Cyrus
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Start on the word ‘good’ when she sings ‘we were good’ approx. 8.5secs – 3mins 20secs – 118bpm
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[1-8] R side, hold, L together, R side, hold, L together, R side, L cross rock/recover, ¼ L, L fwd
1-2&Step R side, hold, step L together
3-4&Step R side, hold, step L together
5-8Step R side, cross rock L over R, recover weight on R, turning ¼ left step L forward (9 o’clock)
RESTART: During wall 6: dance first 7 counts, on count 8 step L to left side and restart facing front wall

[9-16] ½ L, R back, hold, L back, touch R tog, hold, R back, touch L tog, hold, L back, walk fwd R/L
1-2Turning ½ left step R back, hold (3 o’clock)
&3-4Step L back, touch R together, hold
&5-6Step R back, touch L together, hold
(Optional arm movements for counts &3-4 &5-6 above: as you step back L, touch R together push right arm forward at chest level, palm downwards and as you step back R, touch L together push left arm forward at chest level, palm downwards)
&7-8Step L slightly back, step R forward, step L forward

[17-24] Prissy walk fwd R/L, R side rock/recover/cross, L side rock/recover/cross, R fwd, ¼ L pivot turn
1-2Prissy R forward, prissy L forward
&3-4Rock R side, recover weight on L, cross R over L
&5-6Rock L side, recover weight on R, cross L over R
7-8Step R forward, pivot ¼ left (12 o’clock)
RESTART: During Wall 3: dance first 24 counts and restart facing the front wall

[25-32] R syncopated jazz box, R fwd, L fwd, R fwd, ½ L pivot turn, R fwd
1-2Cross step R over L, step L back
&3-4Step R side, step L forward, step R forward
5-8Step L forward, step R forward, pivot ½ left, step R forward (6 o’clock)

[33-40] Syncopated V step, R/L hip bumps, R fwd, ¼ pivot L
&1-2Step L forward and out, step R apart, hold (weight on L)
&3-4Step R back, step L side, hold (with feet slightly apart)
5-6Bump hips right, bump hips left (weight on L)
7-8Step R forward, pivot ¼ left (3 o’clock)

[41-48] R cross over, hold, L side, R cross behind, hold, L side, R cross over, bounce heels 3 times turning ¾ L
1-2&Cross step R over L, hold, step L side
3-4&Cross step R behind L, hold, step L side
5-8Cross step R over L, bounce around ¾ left (3 counts) (Weight ends on left) (6 o’clock)

At end of dance instead of completing a ¾ left turn do a 1¼ turn to end up facing front wall.

Have fun!

JT January 19, 2023
Taught it in class. Well liked by all. Easy teach. Different steps that really fit the music and feel good to dance. Well done ladies.

Millsdancinghappy January 23, 2023
Thank you so much 😊

Back legs January 23, 2023
Love this dance and the music, really uplifting.

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