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Half Of Me

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Peter Davenport (ES) - February 2023
Half Of Me (feat. Riley Green) - Thomas Rhett
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#16 Count Intro, Start Just After Lyrics Aprox 10 Seconds, Track Length 3.07

S1 Walk R.L, Kick Ball Change, Walk R.L, Pivot 1/4 L
1.2Walk forward R, Walk forward L 12
3&4Kick R forward, Replace weigh back on ball of R, Step L forward 12
5.6Walk forward R, Walk forward L 12
7.8Step forward R, Pivot 1/4 L (weight on L) 9

S3 Cross Rock Replace, Chasse R, Cross Rock Replace, Shuffle 1/4 L
1.2Cross rock R over L, Replace weight on L 9
3&4Step R to R, Bring L to R, Step R to R 9
5.6Cross rock L over R, Replace weight weight on R 9
7&81/4 L step L forward, Bring R to L, Step L forward 6

S3 Step Pivot 1/4 L, Step Pivot 1/4 L, Modified Jazz Box Cross Hold
1.2Step forward R, Pivot 1/4 L (weight on L) 3
3.4Step forward R, Pivot 1/4 L (weight on L) 12
5.6Cross R over L, Step L back 12
&7.8Step R to R, Cross L over R, Hold 12
* Restarts Here Wall 1 & 4

S4 Side Rock, Behind Side Cross, Side Rock Sailor 1/4 L
1.2Rock R out to R, Replace weight on L 12
3&4Cross R behind L, Step L to L, Cross R over L 12
5.6Rock L out to L, Replace weight on R 12
7&8Sailor 1/4 L, Sweep L behind R, 1/4 L Step down on R, Step L forward 9

Choreographers Notes
This was Choreographed to be danced along with a Partner Dance Choreographed by Suzanne Laverdiere (CAN) & Marc Lalibrete (CAN)

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