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Take Your Time Baby

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Absolute Beginner
Ji Young Kim (KOR) - February 2023
Every Time You Take Your Time - Aaron Goodvin
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Intro : 16counts

Sec1: Hip Sway R-L-R, Touch, Hip Sway L-R-L, Touch
1 - 41)Step RF side with Hip Sway R, 2)Hip Sway L, 3)Hip Sway R, 4)Touch LF next to RF
5 - 85)Step LF side with Hip Sway L, 6)Hip Sway R, 7)Hip Sway L, 8)Touch RF next to LF

Sec2: Vine Step R-L
1-41)Step RF side, 2)Step LF behind, 3)Step RF side, 4)Touch LF next to RF
5-85)Step LF side, 6)Step RF behind, 7)Step LF side, 8)Touch RF next to LF

Sec3: Cross Point x2, Back Point x2
1-41)Cross RF over LF, 2)Touch LF side, 3)Cross LF over RF, 4)Touch RF side
5-85)Step RF back, 6)Touch LF side, 7)Step LF back, 8)Touch RF side

Sec4: Jazz Box 1/4 turn R, Step touch R-L
1-41)Cross RF over LF, 2) turning 1/4 R Step LF back, 3)Step RF side, 4)Step LF fwd(3:00)
5-85)Step RF side, 6)Touch LF next to RF, 7) Step LF side, 8)Touch RF next to LF

Restart 1 : During wall 1 dance up to count 28, facing 3:00

Restart 2 : During wall 4 dance up to count 28, facing 12:00

Tag 4c : At the end of wall 5, facing 3:00
1-41)Step RF side, 2)Touch LF next to RF, 3) Step LF side, 4)Touch RF next to LF

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