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TrebleThreat (CAN) - February 2023
Soul - Lee Brice
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CCW, with one restart on the second wall
Start: After the first lyrics, “Your body’s got me weak”

Side Weight Transfer, Weave
1-2Side step right and step with L foot (weight transfer)
&3-4Bring R foot next to L (1st position), side step L and R step (weight transfer)
5&6&7&8L foot behind R foot, step R foot out, bring L foot in front of R foot, bring R foot out to the side, L foot behind R foot and R foot out to the side and L foot comes in - WEAVE

Side Weight Transfer, Weave - Repeat but going to the left
1-2Side step L and step with R foot (weight transfer)
&3-4Bring L foot next to R (1st position), side step right and L step (weight transfer)
5&6&7&8R foot behind L foot, step L foot out, bring R foot in front of L foot, bring L foot out to the side, R foot behind L foot and L foot out to the side and R foot comes in – WEAVE

Rock, Cha Cha, Rock, Cha Cha
1-2Slight Diagonal to your Left, Rock forward with R foot, step on L foot
&3-4Cha Cha to your right – step R foot, bring L foot in, step R foot out
5-6Slight Diagonal to your right, Rock forward with L foot and step on R foot
&7-8Cha Cha to your left – step L foot, bring R foot in, step L foot out with weight on left foot

Feet Apart, Feet In
1-2R foot step out (moving slightly forward), and flick L foot back behind R leg
3-4L foot comes down (moving slightly forward), flick R foot back behind L leg
5-6R foot comes down (moving slightly forward), flick L foot back behind R leg
7-8L foot comes down (moving slightly forward), flick R foot back behind R leg
Optional: Each time foot is behind leg, tap foot with opposite hand)

Full Turn/Circle
1&2starting with R foot, step together step turning to your right to make a circle
3&4continue circle – starting with L foot, step together step
5&6continue making circle starting with R foot step together step
7&8complete circle - starting with L foot step together step

Full Turn/Circle:
1-2with L foot staying in place, step R foot forward towards your L to begin a CCW circle and then hip roll from left to right
3-4continue to make a circle, L foot stays in same spot but turns in the direction you are moving while you step forward with your R foot, then hip roll
5-6continue to make a circle, R foot steps forward followed by hip roll left to right
7-8complete circle with L foot in same place and stepping with R foot then hip roll left to right. Should be back at centre

Two Kicks, Coaster Step, Two Steps
1-2Kick R leg, put R foot down
31/4 turn to L while kicking L leg
4&5(coaster step) bring L foot back, bring R foot in next to L foot (1st position) and step forward with L foot
6hold for one count
7-8R step forward, L step forward

Kick, Jump, 2nd Position, Heel Swivels
1&2Kick R foot while making a small leap forward bringing feet together and bending knees and placing hands on knees
3&4jump out (2nd position) and then place hands on hips
5swivel heels to the right
6swivel heels to the left
7-8bring right foot in and clap

Restart on 2nd wall on count 48, after the two circles

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