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When You're a Little Drunk

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High Beginner
Dorthe Michelsen (DK) & Marianne Greisen Greve (DK) - April 2023
I Hate You When You're Drunk - Olly Murs
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Intro: 16 counts

**2 restarts & 3 tags

Step Right forward, Hitch Left, Coaster step Left, Walk forward right-left, Right shuffle
1-2Step forward on R, Hitch L Knee
3&4Step back L, R together, Step L forward
5-6Walk forward R & L
7&8Step R forward, step L beside R, step R forward (12:00)

Side rock Left, ball side rock Right, Step Right forward, ¼ Left, Right Cross Shuffle
9-10Rock L to Left side, recover weight on R,
&11-12Close L to R, Rock R to Right side, recover weight on L
* RESTART wall 7 (12:00), *** TAG2 & RESTART wall 15 (6:00), **** ENDING wall 18 (6:00)
13-14Step forward on R, ¼ left on L (9:00)
15&16Cross R over L, Step L together, Cross R over L

Side Rock Left, Sailor ¼ turn left, Rocking Chair
17-18Step Left on L, recover on R
19&20Step L behind R making ¼ turn left, step R to right, step L forward (6:00)
21-22Step forward on R, recover weight on L
23-24Rock Back on R, recover weight on L
** TAG1: After wall 8 and 12 (6:00)

Start again

*RESTART: wall 7 after 12 counts (12:00)

** TAG1: After wall 8 and 12 (6:00)
1-2Step R diagonal right forward, touch L together
3-4Step L diagonal left back, touch R together
5-6Step R diagonal right back, touch L together
7-8Step L diagonal left forward, touch R together

*** TAG2 & RESTART: wall 15 after 12 counts (6:00)
Rocking Chair & restart:
1-2Step forward on R, recover weight on L
3-4Rock Back on R, recover weight on L

****ENDING: wall 18 after 12 counts (6:00): step forward R, ½ turn L, shuffle forward R-L-R, Step forward L

Bushy April 4, 2023
Can you please upload a video to this dance so that I can teach it to my line dance classes. Thank you.

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