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Strong Kinda Something

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High Improver
Roy Verdonk (NL), Heather Barton (SCO) & Jef Camps (BEL) - April 2023
Damn Love - Kip Moore
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Intro:16 counts after beat kicks in

Section 1 - Side Rock/Recover, Ball, Side Rock/Recover, Cross, Side, 1/8 Back-Lock-Step
1-2&LF rock side, recover on RF, LF close on ball next to RF
3-4RF rock side, recover on LF
5-6RF cross over LF, LF step side 1:30
7&81/8 turn R & RF step back, LF lock in front of RF, RF step back

Section 2 - Back, ¼ Fwd, Step-Lock-Step, Step Fwd, 1/8 Side, Sailor Step
1-2LF step back, ¼ turn R & RF step forward 4:30
3&4LF step forward, RF lock behind LF, LF step forward
5-6RF step forward, 1/8 turn R & LF step side 6:00
7&8RF cross behind LF, LF step side, RF step side

Section 3 - Heel Grind, Ball-Cross, ¼ Back, Chasse, Cross Rock/Recover
1-2&LF cross over RF on L-heel, twist L-toes to L while stepping RF side, LF close on ball next to RF
3-4RF cross over LF, ¼ turn R & LF step back 9:00
5&6RF step side, LF close next to RF, RF step side
7-8LF rock across RF, recover on RF

Section 4 - Side Rock/Recover, ¼ Coaster Step, Step, ½ Pivot, ½ Turn Walking Back
1-2LF rock side, recover on RF (optional: sways)
3&4¼ turn L & LF step back, RF close next to LF, LF step forward 6:00
5-6RF step forward, make ½ turn L putting weight on LF 12:00
7-8½ turn L & RF step back, LF step back 6:00

Section 5 - Back Rock/Recover, Heel Switches, Rock Fwd/Recover, Back-Lock-Step
1-2RF rock back, recover on LF
3&RF touch heel forward, RF close on ball next to LF
4&LF touch heel forward, LF close on ball next to RF
5-6RF rock forward, recover on LF
7&8RF step back, LF lock in front of RF, RF step back

Section 6 - Back Rock/Recover, Side Rock-&-Cross, Slide, Behind Rock/Recover
1-2LF rock back, recover on RF
3&4LF rock side, recover on RF, LF cross over RF
5-6RF take a large step side, drag LF towards RF
7-8LF rock slightly behind RF, recover on RF

STRONG KINDA SOMETHING (Roy, Heather & Jeffke)

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You’re welcome

PatL April 24, 2023
Very nice!

JCamps April 25, 2023
Thank you PatL! :)

ell May 24, 2023
Taught it last night really enjoyed thank you.

Morgy September 19, 2023
Awesome dance, the classes love it.

loveableh September 19, 2023
Thank you so much

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