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I Still Fall For You

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Darren Bailey (UK) - June 2023
Fall For You - Gable Bradley
Kinda Bar - Kip Moore
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Intro: 16 Counts

R Heel, Close, L Heel, Close, Point R, Close, Point L Close
1-2Touch R heel forward, Close RF next to LF
3-4Touch L heel forward, Close LF next to RF
5-6Point RF to R side, Close RF next to LF
7-8Point LF to L side, Close LF next to RF

R Lock step to Diagonal, Brush, L Lock step to Diagonal, Brush
1-2Step RF to R diagonal, Lock LF behind RF
3-4Step RF to R diagonal, Brush LF forward
5-6Step LF to L diagonal, Lock RF behind LF
7-8Step LF to L diagonal, Brush RF forward

Jazz box with toe struts
1-2Touch R toe across LF, Drop R heel
3-4Touch L toe back, Drop L heel
5-6Touch R toe to R side, Drop R heel
7-8Touch L toe across RF, Drop L heel

Back, Clap (x3 R, L, R), 1/4 L, Touch and clap
1-2Step RF back to R diagonal, Touch LF next to RF and clap
3-4Step LF back to L diagonal, Touch RF next to LF and clap
5-6Step RF back to R diagonal, Touch LF next to RF and clap
7-8Make a 1/4 L and step LF to L side, Touch RF next to LF and cla

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Marianna T. August 28, 2023
I taught your dance at a Foothills of Virginia workshop. The class loved it! Thanks for the choreography!

tomgcoleman November 25, 2023
Fun stuff! Absolute beginner. AB fall for you

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