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Soul Drunk

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Taylor Carew (USA) - August 2023
Drunk (And I Don't Wanna Go Home) - Elle King & Miranda Lambert
Soul - Lee Brice
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*1 restart (both songs)

[1-8] Kick, ball, touch, kick, ball, touch, sailor right, sailor left
1&2Kick right foot forward, touch ball of right foot next to left, shift weight and touch left toe to left side
3&4Kick left foot forward, touch ball of left foot next to right, shift weight and touch right toe to right side
5&6Step right foot behind left, step left foot to side, step right foot forward (diagonally)
7&8Step left foot behind right, step right foot to side, step left foot to forward (diagonally)

[9-16] Right step, ½ turn, pivot ½ turn, out out, hip roll
1,2Step forward on right and ½ turn to your left, ending with weight on your left
3Pivot ½ turn on the ball of left foot with right ball of foot touching next to left
&5Pushing off with right foot step out with left foot, then step out with right
7, 8Hip roll

[17-24] Side together (x4) while making half turn to your left (think corners of triangle)
1,2*Step right to side, touch left next to right (think base of triangle)
3,4Step back left diagonally, touch right to left (think point of triangle, should be facing diagonally)
5,6Step right forward (still facing diagonally), touch left next to right as you turn again towards quarter wall (base of triangle)
7,8Step left with quarter turn (beginning base of triangle), touch right foot next to left

[25-32] Heel, Heel, forward rock, hitch and turn and slide, stomp, stomp
1&2&Put right heel forward, bring right foot back and shift weight, put left heel forward, bring left foot back and shift weight
3,4&Rock forward on right, recover weight to left as you slightly hop and hitch left knee
5,6,7Turn quarter turn to your right as you slide to your left and drag left foot to right for 2 counts
&8 2stomps left foot

*Restart happens at start of 2nd verse for both songs (you will hear it)

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