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Tastes Like Whiskey

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Sher Mcintosh (CAN) - September 2023
I Got A Problem - Drake Milligan
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Section I:R Heel fwd,R Step,L Heel fwd, L rock back, R recover: all on the right side, (repeat all starting with the left foot on left side)
1 & 2R Heel FWD, R Step, L Heel FWD
3, 4L rock back, R recover
5 & 6L Heel FWD, L Step, R Heel FWD
7, 8R rock back, L recover

Section II: R Step, L touch, L Kick Ball Change; L step, R touch, 2X, R Kick Ball Change
1, 2R step, L touch
3 & 4Kick, Ball, Change (LLR)
5 & 6L step, R touch, R touch (2 touches)
7 & 8R Kick, Ball, Change (RRL)

Section III: Walk fwd R, L, R Step Fwd 1/ 2 turn L, Walk fwd 4X (and snap your fingers from side to side while walking)
1, 2Walk fwd R, L
3, 4R step fwd, pivot 1/ 2 turn L
5 – 8Walk fwd 4 more steps starting R foot, snap fingers side to side while walking

Section IV: R Heel Grind 1/ 4 turn R, R rock back, L recover, R chasse, L Step 1 / 2 turn L, R touch
1, 2R Heel Grind and turn 1/ 4 right
3, 4R rock back, L recover weight
5 & 6R Chasse (RLR)
7, 8Turn 1/ 2 to left and step on L Foot, touch R at instep

Miske September 18, 2023

SIW September 18, 2023
I like this choreography to this music. It makes me want to get up and dance!

SherMcIntosh September 19, 2023
Thank you Miske, thank you SIW, lovely messages to leave to me, and much appreciated!!

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