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I Got A Problem

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Donna King (USA) - November 2023
I Got A Problem - Drake Milligan
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Intro: Starts after 8 counts

Rock Return, Shuffle Full turn Right, Rock Return Sailor ¼ Turn Left
1,2,3 &4Rock forward on right, turn on left, Shuffle Right, left, right, as you full turn right
5,6,7&8Rock forward on left, return right, sailor ¼ turn left

Step Together, Stomp x2, Step back touch 2x on the Diagonal
1,2,3,4Step right together on diagonal, stomp right x2
5,6,7,8Step back to right, touch left beside right, step left back to left, touch right beside left

Skate Back Right, Left, Right, Left, Rock back on Right, Kick Left Forward, Walk Forward Left, Right
1,2,3,4Skate backwards, Right, Left, right, left
5,6,7,8Rock back on right as you kick left(5), replace left(6), walk forward right, left (7,8)

Point Right Toe to Right Side, Hold, Left to Left and Hold, Cross Unwind, 2 Hips Left
1,2,3,4Point right toe to right side and hold, point left to left side and hold
& 5,6,7,8Step on left (&), cross right over left, unwind ½ turn left, 2 hips left


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