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Topo Chico Cowboy

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Easy Improver
Sebastiaan Holtland (NL) - February 2024
Topo Chico Cowboy - Drew Kennedy & Josh Grider
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Intro: 36 cts (20 sec).

S1: [1-8] L Side, R Behind, R Knee Lift, L Step Lock Step ¼ L, R Cucaracha, L Heel Swivel.
1,2LF step left (1), RF step behind LF and Lift L knee up (2).
3&4LF step fwd ¼ left (9.00) (3), RF locking RF behind Lf (&), LF step fwd (4).
5&6RF rock right (5), LF recover (&), RF step beside LF (6).
7,8LF swivel heel fwd (7), LF swivel heel centre (8).

S2: [9-16] R Fwd Point, R Side Point, R Sailor Turn ¼ R.
1,2RF point fwd (1), RF point right (2).
3&4RF step behind LF (1), LF step left ¼ R (12.00) (&), RF step slightly fwd (4).
5,6LF point fwd (5), LF point left (6).
7&8LF step behind RF (7), RF step right (&), LF step across RF (8).

S3: [17-24] R Back (push hips back), L Side, R Heel Scuff, R Cross, L Back ¼ R, Touch R Beside, R Fwd, Touch L Beside.
1,2RF step back and push hips back (1), LF step left (2)..
3,4RF heel scuff fwd (3), RF step across LF (4).
(NB: Restart here in wall 4 after 14 counts, after start again).
5,6LF step back ¼ right (3.00) (5), RF touch beside LF (6).
7,8RF step fwd (7), LF touch beside RF (8).

S4: [25-32] L Side, R Behind with L Sweep, L Anchor Step, R Side, L Behind with R Sweep, R Anchor Step.
1,2LF step left (1), RF step behind and sweep LF from front to back (2).
3&4LF locked behind RF taking weight onto LF (3), RF recover (&), LF recover taking weght onto LF (4).
5,6RF step right (5), LF step behind and sweep RF from front to back (6).
7&8RF locked behind LF taking weight onto RF (7), LF recover (&), RF recover taking weght onto RF (8).


Jen1 February 7, 2024
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