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Just Go Home with You

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High Beginner
Sebastiaan Holtland (NL) - May 2024
GO HOME W U - Keith Urban & Lainey Wilson : (iTunes etc)
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One easy tag of 4 counts.
Introduction: 16 cts, start approx 11 sec.

Part 1. [1-8] L Side, R Behind, L Side, R Cross Rock, R Side, L Cross Rock, L Side, R Step Lock Step Fwd.
1,2&LF step left (1), RF behind LF (2), LF step left (&).
3,4&RF cross rock fwd (3), LF recover (4), RF step right (&).
5,6&LF cross rock fwd (5), RF recover (6), LF step left (&).
7&8RF step fwd (7), LF lock behind RF (&), RF step fwd (8).

Part 2. [9-16] L Mambo Fwd, R Coaster Step, L Side Rock, R Weave.
1&2LF mambo fwd (1), RF recover (&), LF step slightly back (2).
3&4RF step back (3), LF step beside RF (&), RF step fwd (4).
5,6LF rock left (5), RF recover (6).
7&8LF step behind RF (7), RF step right (&), LF step across RF (8).

Part 3. [17-24] R,L,R Syncopated Hip Bumps, L Chasse ¼ L, R Kick & Touch, Down, Up.
1&2RF step right bump hip right (1), L hip bump left (&), R hip bump right (2).
3&4LF step left (3), RF step beside LF (&), LF step fwd ¼ L (9.00) (4).
5&6RF kick fwd (5), RF step replace (&), LF touch fwd holding weight onto Rf (6).
7,8Dip body down (7), Coming up holding weight onto RF (8).

Part 4. [25-32] L Syncopated Lock Steps Circle ½ L, R Side Rock, R Coaster Step.
1&2&(L Syncopated lock Steps fwd in a circle ½ left (3.00) (1&2&).
3&4LF step fwd (3), RF lock behind LF (&), LF step fwd (4).
5,6RF side rock (5), LF recover (6).
7&8RF step back (7), LF step beside RF (&), RF step fwd (8).

(NB Restart here ending wall 7 after 32 counts, after start again).

TAG: [1-4] L Side, R Heel Dig Fwd (diag), R Replace, L Touch Beside R.
1,2LF step left (1), RF dig R heel diagonal fwd (2).
3,4RF step back in place (3), LF touch beside RF (4).


Floorshaker May 12, 2024
Nice dance Sebastiaan. Teaching it to my Improvers tomorrow. Best wishes. Chris

Sebastiaan May 13, 2024
Dear Chris ,

Very great to hear you like it.
Great to hear gonna teach him to your class.
Thank you so much!! 🤩👌

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