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A House With No Curtains

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Beginner Waltz
Marie Sørensen (TUR) - January 2011
A House With No Curtains - Alan Jackson
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Intro: 24 Counts.

Twinkle Left, Twinkle Right
1-2-3Cross Left in front of Right, Step Fwd. Right diagonal, Step Left beside Right
4-5-6Cross Right in front of Left, Step Fwd. Left diagonal, Step Right beside Left (Facing 12 O` Clock)

Waltz basic Step Fwd, ¼ Step Turn Left, Cross
1-2-3Step Fwd. Left, Step Right beside Left, Step Left beside Right
4-5-6Step Fwd. Right, make ¼ turn Left, Cross Right in front of Left (Facing 9 O` Clock)

Vine Left, Cross Rock Right, Recover, Side Step
1-2-3Step Left to Left side, Cross Right behind Left, Step Left to Left side
4-5-6Cross Rock Right in front of Left, Recover, Step Right to Right side (Facing 9 O` Clock)

Rock Fwd. Left, Recover, Step Together, Triple Full Turn Right
1-2-3Rock Fwd. Left, Recover, Step Left beside Right (Weight on Left)
4-5-6Triple Full Turn back Right (Facing 9 O`Clock)

Have Fun!

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