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Knee Deep

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Natasha Ind (UK) - January 2014
Knee Deep In My Heart - Shane Filan
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S1. Right foot, point front, side, sailor step. Left foot Front side sailor ¼ turn.
1 2 3&4Point right foot in front of L point right foot to R side cross R behind L, step L to L side then R to R side.
5 6 7&8Point L in front of R, point L to L side cross L behind R turning ¼ left. Step R to R side. Step L to L side.

S2. Step Forward rock back onto L, Lock steps back, sweep, sweep, coaster step.
1 2 3&4Step R forward recover back onto L, step R back, cross L in front of R, step back on R.
5 6 7&8Sweep L behind R, sweep R behind L. Step L back, step R next to L step L forward.

S3. Side rock cross shufflex2
1 2 3&4Rock R to R side, recover on to L. Cross R over L, step L slightly to L cross R over L.
5 6 7&8Repeat leading with L foot.

S4. ¼ turn back touch, kick ball point. Kick point Twists.
1 2 3&4Step R back turning a ¼, touch L next to R. Kick L slightly forward, place ball of L next to R point R out to R side.
5 6 7&8Slow kick R crossing over L. Point L out to L side before R lands. Twist L Hips for 3&4 (L, R& L).

S5. Step ¼, touch ½ turning shuffle R. Heel Swivels Kick ball Point.
1 2 3&4Step L turning a ¼, touch R next to L, shuffle ½ right stepping R, LR.
5 6 7&8(L foot should be on ball). Swivel L heel L, R. Kick L slightly forward, place ball of L next to R point R to R side.

End of Dance
[1-8] Repeat S5: leading with R foot, but ending with Kick ball change instead of point.

*The dance ends at the end of the wall, facing the front. After kick ball change scuff R foot to finish.

Enjoy the dance, no Tags or Restarts and sing along.


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