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All My People

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Basic Samba
Raymond Sarlemijn (EST), Roy Hadisubroto (NL) & Jonas Dahlgren (SWE) - April 2019
All My People by Dj Rico
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(&) out, hold, weight left, cross and touch, cross and touch
&rf step out right
1lf step out left
4weight on lf
5rf cross forward lf
&lf step out left
6rf touch forward
&rf close next to lf
7lf cross forward rf
&rf step out right
8lf touch forward

(&) cross forward, hold ¾ turn right volta, check forward, ¼ left sweep, coaster step
&lf closes next to rf
1rf cross over forward lf
&lf step left
3½ turn right, rf step on place
&lf step left
4¼ turn right, rf step on place
&Lf check forward
61/4 left, sweep lf
7lf step backwards
arf closes lf
8lf step forward

Whisk, whisk, samba walk, samba walk, syncopation lock step forward
1rf step right
alf backwards rf
2rf step on place
3lf step left
arf backwards lf
4lf step on place
5rf walk forward
6lf walk forward
&rf cross forward lf
7lf lock backwards rf
&rf step forward
8lf step forward

Batucada 4x, ¼ turn left, left together, left together
1rf forward, batucada backwards
2lf forward, batucada backwards
3rf forward, batucada backwards
4lf forward, batucada backwards
5¼ turn left, lf step left, shake body while doing this
6rf closes lf, shake body while doing this
7lf step left, shake body while doing this
8rf touches lf, shake body while doing this

Corta jaca ¼ turn right, corta jaca ¼ turn right, kick forward, step back, touch forward, swivel, ball cross
1rheel forward
&¼ turn right lf left
2rf step backwards
&lf on place
3rheel forward
&¼ turn right, lf left
4rf step backwards
&lf step forward
5rf kick forward
&rf step backwards
6lf touch forward
&swivel both ankles to the left
7swivel back to nuteral
&lf close to rf
8rf step forward

2x samba rolls
1lf step forward
2rf 1/4 left, rf step right
&¼ lf cross forward rf
3¼ turn left rf step backward
&lf step to left
4rf closes lf
5/8 repeat ¼

Rockstep, behind side forward, traveling volta, hold, volta
1lf step left
2recover weight on rf
3lf cross behind rf
&rf step to right
4lf cross forward rf
&rf step right
5lf cross forward rf
&rf step right
7lf cross forward rf
&rf step right
8lf cross forward rf

Cross forward side, behind, cross forward behind, cross forward behind, coaster step
1rf cross forward lf
&¼ turn left, lf step left
2rf step backwards
3rf cross forward lf
&1/4 turn left, lf step left
4rf step backwards
5rf cross forward lf
&1/4 turn left, lf step left
6rf step backwards
7lf step backwards
&rf close next to lf
8lf step forward

Tina M. May 6, 2019
Lots of fun samba moves and wonderful styling! Thanks guys!

Philo Sophie May 29, 2019
Brilliant! Happy one ! Welldone

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