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Back In My World

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High Improver
Ivonne Verhagen (NL) & Karianne Heimvik (NOR) - September 2018
Back In My World by Alain Clark
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Dance starts after 32 counts (on vocals)

(1-8) Sailor step, sailor ¼ turn, ¼ turn cross, ½ turn point
1&2RF step behind LF, step LF to left, step RF step slightly right side
3&4¼ turn to left & LF step behindRF, RF steps side,LF step slightly left side (9h)
5&6RF step forward, ¼ turn to left stepping LF in place, RF cross over LF(6h)
7&8¼ turn to right stepping back on LF, ¼ turn to right stepping RF to right, point LF to left (12h)

(9-16) & point, Bodyroll backwards, & point, ¼ turn walk, walk, ¼ turn
&1,2LF step on LF, RF point side, Bodyroll backwards shifting weight from LF, to RF
&3,4LF step next to RF, point RF to right, drag RF next to LF (with pointed foot)
&5,6RF step down, ¼ turn to left stepping fwd on LF, step fwd on RF (9h)
7&8LF step forward on LF, make ¼ turn to right stepping RF in place, cross LF over RF (12h)

(17-24) C-bump, kick ball cross, mambo step, fwd mambo
1&2RF point to right as you hitch your right hip up, let your right hip back to senter, 1/8 turn to left stepping down on R pushing right hip back (popping L knee)(10.30h)
3&4LF kick fwd, step ball of LF next to RF, cross RF over LF
5&6LF rock to left, recover weight to RF turning 1/8 to right, step LF next to RF (12h)
7&8RF step fwd on RF, recover weight on LF, step RF next to LF (for styling, push your hips back)
(25-32) Fwd lock step, rock ¼ turn, walk, walk, pivot ½ turn, ½ turn with sweep
1&2LF step fwd on LF, lock RF behind LF, step fwd on LF
3&4RF step fwd on RF, recover weight to L, make a ¼ turn to right stepping RF to right (3h)
5,6LF step fwd on LF, step fwd on RF
7&8LF step fwd on LF, make a ½ turn to right stepping fwd on RF, make ½ turn to right stepping back on LF while sweeping RF around to start again. (3h)

Restart after 16 counts in wall 6:
After count 16, add: &: touch R to right

Christina Yang September 27, 2018
Nice music and wonderful choreography~♡ I love it~

karianne October 19, 2018
thank you :-)

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