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Blackboard of My Heart

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Low Intermediate
Val Jenness - May 2011
Blackboard of My Heart - Daniel O'Donnell
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Prepared by: Val Jenness (Capital Line Dancers-Lower Hutt NZ)(04)939-4175
Commence facing 1st wall, feet together Weight on Left. Exact Counts:- 68-68-36-68-68-24. Not as hard as it sounds.

Heel Struts Fwd/Fwd Tap-Back Tap x2/Back Struts
1 - 8Strut fwd Heel Toe each foot, Right, Left, Right, Left.
9 - 16On Right diagonal Step Fwd R, Tap Lt toe behind heel of R & Clap, Step back onto Left, Tap Right heel fwd & clap (repeat once more)
17 -24Strut back Toe-Heel struts (facing 12oclock) Right, Left, Right, left

Backwards Charleston:
25 – 28Step Back on Right foot, Touch Left Toe back, Step fwd on Left foot, Kick Right fwd.
29 – 32Repeat counts 25-28 but end with R touch beside L. ***

Grapevine R-touch, Grapevine L with ¼ turn, scuff
33 – 36Step R to side, step L behind R, step R to side, tap L beside R & Clap
37 – 40Step L to side, step R behind L, step L fwd ¼ turn left, R Scuff fwd.

Step Lock Step Scuff fwd x 2.
41 – 44Step Right fwd, Lock Left behind Right, Step Right fwd, scuff Left fwd.
45 – 48Step Left fwd, Lock Right behind L, Step Left fwd, Scuff Right fwd.

Fwd Rock, Half R-Hold, ½ R Lock step-Hold
49 – 52Step fwd Right, replace Left, Step Right into half R turn, Hold
53 – 56Step fwd Left foot turning half right using either 3 slow shuffle steps or a front lock step – Hold (LRL)

Slow Coaster Back, Step Touch Step Touch, Slow Coaster Back, Scuff.
57 – 60Step Back Right, Close left, Step fwd Right, hold.
61 – 64Step fwd Left, Touch R beside L, Step back R, Touch L beside R
65 – 68Step back Left, Close R, Step Fwd Left, scuff R fwd.

NB: Tag 4 counts. 1-4 Touch R Heel fwd 45deg, hook R across shin of Left ankle – Repeat
*** Tag/Restart On wall 3, (back wall) dance counts 1-32, then dance tag of 4 counts then...
Restart dance from the beginning.

Ending 24 counts: Facing wall 5 (front wall) Dance counts 1-22 then close.
I’ve always loved this piece of music and after many years finally got around to writing a dance to it.
Hope you enjoy this easy dance with a couple of challenges. Have Fun. Val.

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