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Come Into My Life

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Novice - Funky
Daniel Trepat (NL) - January 2004
Come into my Life, by Billy Crawford
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Sequence: AB AAB AAB tag AAA

Part A
Toe switches, swivel ½ turn, step back twice
1RF Point to the right side
&RF Step next to LF
2LF Point to the left side
&LF Step next to RF
3RF Point R.toe forward
&RF Step next to LF
4LF Point L.toe back
5&6Swivel both heels right, left, right, while making a ½ turn left
7LF Step back
8RV Step back

Kick ball touch, kick & monterey turn, hitch, together
1LF Kick forward
&LF Step next to RF
2RF Point to the right side, L.shoulder up R.shoulder down
3RF Kick forward
&RF Step next to LF
4LF Point to the left side, R.shoulder up L.shoulder down
5RF+LF ½ turn left and step LF next to RF
6RF Point to the right side
7RF Step next to LF
&LF Lift L.knee
8LF Step down

Touch twice, big step, sailor ¼ turn, step, coasterstep with ½ turn
1RF Tap next to LF
&RF Tap next to LF
2RF Large step right
3LF Cross behind RF
&RF Step to the right
4LF Make ¼ turn left and step LF forward
5RF Step forward
6LF Step forward
7RF Step forward
&LF Step LF next to RF, make ½ turn left
8RF Step forward

Diagonally steps, hitch, together, ½ pivot, jump out-in-in
1LF Step diagonally left forward
2RF Step diagonally right forward
3LF Lift L.knee in front of R.leg and push away your L.leg with your hands
&LF Lift L.knee
4LF Step next to RF
5RF Step forward
6RF+LF Make ½ turn left
7RF+LF Jump out
&RF+LF Jump a bit in
8RF+LF Jump in, feet together

Part B
Diagonally step, body movement down & up, full turn with rondé, touch
1RF Step diagonally right forward, bend R.knee and lower your body to the right, hands on your back
2Lower the body a bit more
3Come up slowly
4LF Stand right up, weight on left
5,6,7LF Make on LF a full turn left and with RF a rondé
8RF Point next to LF

Kick ball touch, kick ball step, heel swivel, bodyroll
1RF Kick forward
&RF Step next to LF
2LF Point to the left side
3LF Kick forward
&LF Step next to RF
4RF Step to the right
5LF Swivel L.heel to the left
&LF Swivel L.heel to the right
6LF Swivel L.heel back in place
7Start bodyroll
8LF End bodyroll and step next to RF

Side, cross, full turn
&RF Step to the right
1LF Cross behind RF
2,3,4,LF Make a full turn left and end with weight on left

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