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Beginner - Viennese Waltz tempo
Anna Korsgaard, DK, March 2017
Hallelujah By Lee Dewyze
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Intro: 24 counts

Sec.: 1. Bacis Waltz Left, Right
1 - 3Step Left to Left side, Step Right beside Left, Step Left to Left.
4 - 6Step Right to Right side, Step Left beside Right, Step Right to Right side.

Sec.: 2. Step ¼ turn, Cross, Sweep
1 - 3Step Left forward, step Right to Right making a 1/4 turn, Cross Left over Right.
4 - 6Sweep Right cross in front of Left 1 - 2, step down on 3. (3:00)

Sec.: 3. Basic Waltz diagonal, Left, Right
1 - 3Step Left diagonal forward, Step Right beside Left, Step Left forward.
4 - 6Step Right diagonal forward, left beside Right, Step Right forward .

Sec.: 4. Rock ½ turn Left, Sways
1 - 3Step forward on Left, Recover onto Right, Make ½ turn by stepping Left forward. (09:00)
4 - 6Step Right to Right side swaying Right, Left, Right. (Weight on Right, Left Right) Sway with your over body

Enjoy and have Fun

This dance is made on a request from Anja Jensen to her beginner class in Hygge Hold Esbjerg, DK

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