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I Was On A Boat

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Advanced Beginner
Natalie Boyle (USA) - September 2021
I Was On a Boat That Day - Old Dominion : (SME on behalf of Arista Nashville)
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Sec 1: Vine to Right, Vine to Left step left ½ turn pivot scuff Right heel
1 - 2Step Right to side, left behind rt
3 - 4Step Side Rt, touch left foot next to Right
5 - 6Step Left to side, step Rt behind
7 -8Step Left, ½ turn pivot scuff Right foot heel Forward

Sec 2: Vine to Right, Swivel both heels to Right 2X
1 - 2Step Right to side, Left behind
3 -4Step Right side, Touch left foot to right
5 & 6Swivel both heels to right and back to center
7 & 8Swivel both heels to right and back to center

Sec 3: Step Rt hitch left, Step Left hitch Right, Vine to Right with left knee hitch
1 - 2Step Right foot, hitch left knee and CLAP
3 - 4Step Left foot, hitch Right knee and CLAP
5 - 6Step Right foot to side, Left foot behind Right
7 - 8Step Right foot to side, hitch Left knee and CLAP

Sec 4: Vine Left ¼ turn scuff Right heel, Right Rocking chair
1 - 2Step Left to side, Right foot behind left
3 - 4Step Left to side, ½ turn pivot on Left foot and scuff right heel Forward
5 - 6Rock Right foot forward, recover weight to left foot
7 - 8Rock Right foot back, recover weight to left foot

NancyMarie3 January 31, 2022
Wow what a fun dance! So easy and enjoyed learning. Natalie you dances are fun and I enjoy how you teach them and make them easy to learn. You are a great teacher and choreographer!

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