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Dans & Moro (NOR) - May 2020
Karantene - TIX
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Siv Anita Jorstad and Heidi Brenden

We have chosen to start the dance on first chorus. You can start on first vocals, at ones, if so you will not get «the breake» on the front wall.

Section 1: [1-8] Walk, walk, mambo step, walk, walk, coaster step
1,2Step RF forward, step LF forward
3&4step RF forward, recover on LF, step RF back
5,6step LF back, step RF back
7&8step LF back, step RF beside LF, step LF forward- facing left diagonal

Section 2 [1-8] Cross, step, sailer step, cross, ¼ turn left, coaster step
1,2cross RF over LF, step LF to left side
3&4cross RF behind LF, step LF to left side, step RF to right side
5,6cross LF over RF, turn ¼ turn left -stepping RF back
7&8step LF back, step RF beside LF, step LF forward

« Breake» After wall nr 8 there is a short break on 4 counts toward front wall:
Reach both hands up, stand still for 4 counts and start wall nr 9

Option: Section 1- full turn with clap
5,6½ turn left stepping LF forward with a clap, ½ turn left stepping RF back with a clap.

No Restarts Or Tags, just enjoy this fun easy dance

Nigel H (Spain) May 14, 2020
Heidi, the step sheet is different to your demo. I'm not sure which is correct but I prefer your demo version. :-)
Its a great easy dance for new beginners.

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