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Name Changed Back

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Steve Carlson - Feburary 2019
Name Changed Back by: Pistol Annies
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[1st 8 count] Right Heel click twice, Chasse Right, Left heel click twice, Chasse Left
1,2,3&4Right heel tap, right help tap, Chasse Right ( in hopping fashion ) (R out, L behind, R heel out )
5,6,7&8Leftt heel tap, Left help tap, Chasse Left ( in hopping fashion ) (L out, R behind, L heel out )

[ 2nd 8 Count, 9-16 ] Reverse ¾ turn (counter-clockwise), Right Rocking Chair in place
1234Step with the right foot over left starting a reverse ¾ turn, then left foot, right, left (facing wall 2)
5&6,Shuffle forward stepping Right foot forward, left next to right, right foot forward again
7,8Rock forward on the left foot then recover back on the right foot

[ Last 4 counts, 17-20 ] Left Shuffle back, Rock back right, recover Left
1, & 2,Shuffle back; stepping left foot behind right, Right foot next to left, Left foot behind right
3, 4Right foot rocks back and then recover weight on left foot

( Immediately Repeat dance with Right foot coming back forward into R heel taps )
Have fun! Add more of a hopping motion into side to side chasses to have fun with that dynamic of choreography and music. Low impact version is simply shorter side steps on chasse.

No Tags. Enjoy the dance! Comments appreciated. Cowboy Steve is available for dance workshops and guest choreographer invitations; please email to:
I hope you enjoy this dance and song as much as I do. Thank You for your feedback!

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