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Nashville Stickup

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Kristal Lynn Konzen - May 2017
"Nashville Stickup" by Kailey Nicole Swanson
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Hold 16 counts; begin dancing when Kailey starts singing

Section 1: Vine Right and Left with Scuffs, Two Step Right with ½ Turn Pivots
1&2&Step side onto R foot, step L behind R, step side onto R foot, small scuff with L foot
3&4&Step side onto L foot, step R behind L, step side onto L foot, small scuff with R foot
5,6Step forward onto R foot, half turn over left shoulder and weight change onto L foot
7,8Step forward onto R foot, half turn over left shoulder and weight change onto L foot

Section 2: Scuff Step Step, Toe Heel Toe, Twists to the Right, Twists to the Left
1&2Scuff R foot forward out (small hop), Step R foot out to Right side, Step Left foot out to Left Side
3&4(Weight change onto L foot) while R toe swivels in, then L heel, then R toe
5&6Swivel both feet together while twisting to the right (toes out to R, heels out to R, and toes out to R)
7&8Swivel both feet together while twisting to the left (toes out to L, heels out to L, and toes out to L)

Section 3: Skater Steps to Right, Skater Steps to Left with 1 ¼ Turn
1,2Step (slide motion) onto R foot, step (slide motion) onto L foot
3&4Step R to side, step L in to meet R, step R foot out
5,6Step (slide motion) onto L foot, step (slide motion) onto R foot
7&8Step ¼ onto L, step R close ½ turn, step L ¼ turn over Left shoulder (6:00)

Section 4: Heel Switches with Heel Slap, ¼ Ron de Jamb, Hip Twists with ¼ Turn Right
1&2Place R heel slightly forward, step onto R foot and place L heel slightly forward
&3&4Step onto L foot and place R heel slightly forward, bring R heel back to slap boot (&), replace heel back down slightly in front of L foot
5,6Small ¼ Turn Right while dragging R toe in front in an arc (weight stays on Left foot)
7&8Step R foot together to meet L foot; Turn ¼ Right while double hip bump to the Right (feet together) (3:00)


Have fun!
XO Kristal Lynn

**Please do not alter this stepsheet in any way, unless granted specific permission by Kristal Lynn Konzen.**
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