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Ou Meo Na (어머나)

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Seonhee Lim (KOR) - March 2020
'Ou Meona' by Jang Yoon-Jeong (어머나) K-Trot
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Intro : 32 Counts

S1. R Fwd, Side Touch, L Fwd Side Touch, Rocking Chair
1-2RF Step Fwd, LF Step Side Touch
3-4LF Step Fwd, RF Step Side Touch
5-6RF Step Fwd, LF Recover
7-8RF Step Back, LF Recover

S2. Jazz Box 1/4 R Turn Cross, Side, Behind, Side, Touch
1-2RF Cross, 1/4 R Turn LF Back
3-4RF Side, LF Cross
5-6RF Side, LF Behind
7-8RF Side, LF Together Touch

S3. Side, Fwd Touch, Side, Back Touch, Side Hip Sway (R, L, R, L)
1-2.LF Side, RF Cross Touch
3-4RF Side, LF Behind Back Touch
5-6LF Side (at the same time) Hip Sway (L, R)
7-8Hip Sway (L, R)

S4. L Fwd , Side Touch, R Fwd Touch, Side Touch, R Back, L Side Touch, L Back, R Side Touch
1-2L Step Fwd, R Side Touch
3-4R Fwd Touch, R Side Touch
7-8R Step Back, L Side Touch
7-8L Step Back, R Side Touch

TAG : Jazz Box 4 Count,
After Wall 1(3:00), Wall 2(6:00) Wall 6(6:00), Wall 7(3:00)
1-2R Step Cross, L Step Back
3-4R Step Side, L Step Fwd

Let`s Enjoy Dancing Together.

Hann21921 August 4, 2020
Very nice dance and favorite choice of a lovely Korean trot song. Many thanks for sharing.

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