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Pack it Up

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Ninna Jensen (DK) - September 2011
Pack Up - Eliza Doolittle
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32 counts intro from first beat

Side shuffle, back rock, vine left with touch
1&2R to right, L next to R, R to right.
3-4L behind R change weight to L, weight reverse to R
5-8L to left, R behind L, Left to left, R touch beside L

Step brush right and left, jazz ¼ turn right
1-4R forward L brush, L forward R brush
5-8R in front of L, L step back with a right turn, R to the right, L cross R

Side step back rock, left step kick, right back cross touch
1-4R to right side, hold, L behind R Weight on L, reverse to R
5-6L to left side, R kick in front of L
7-8R small step back, L point across at the outside of R foot
Option here: counts 5-8: side touch to left and right

Step ½ right step, step ½ left touch hold
1-4Step L forward, ½ turn right, step L forward, hold
5-8Step R forward, ½ turn left, touch R next to L, hold

Enjoy the music and sing along - keep smiling ;o)

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