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Please Love Me

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Carol Cooper - May 2020
"Love Me Love Me" by the Cardigans
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Skate Right, Skate Left, Lock Step, Hold
1 - 4Skate forward Right for 2 counts. Skate Forward Left for 2 counts.
5 - 8Step forward on Right, Step Left Behind Right, Step Forward Right, Hold

Skate Left, Skate Right, Lock Step, Hold
1 - 4Skate Left forward for 2 counts. Skate Right forward for 2 counts
5 - 8Step forward on Left, Step Right Behind Left, Step Forward Left, Hold

Jazz Box Quarter Turn Right, Weave Right
1 – 4Cross Right Over Left, Step back on Left, ¼ Turn Right, Cross Left Over
5 – 8Step Side Right, Cross Left Behind, Step Side Right, Cross Left Over

Side Rock Recover Cross and Cross, Side Rock Quarter Turn Right, Shuffle Forward
1-2 3&4Rock Right Side, Recover, Cross Right Over Left, Step Side Left, Cross Right Over Left
5-6 7&8Step Left, 1/4 Turn Right onto Right, Shuffle Forward Left Right Left

There Is One Easy Tag Done When She Sings So I Cry And I Cry.

Tag: Basic Right and Left. Right Left Right Hold. Left Right Left Hold
After 2nd, 6 and 8 repetition, 1 Tag. Done facing 12:00
After 3rd, 7th repetition, 2 Tags Done facing 6:00
*9th repetition facing 6:00. Cross Right Over Left and Unwind to 12:00


lmatiyek June 3, 2020
Nothing makes my day better than attending one of Carol Cooper's line dance classes, even if it's online! Thanks Carol, keep them coming!

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