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Rock With Me

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Alex Ronald - August 2008
High Class Lady - The Lennerockers : (Album: Wild! Wild! Wild!)
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Intro: 16

Section 1: Dwight To Rt. Rt. Box Step With Lt. Touch
1 - 4 Moving to Rt, touch Rt toe, Rt. Heel, Rt. toe, kick Rt. fwd
5 - 8 Cross Rt. over Lt. Step bk. on Lt,. Step bk. On Rt. Touch Lt toe beside Rt.

Section 2: Dwight to Lt. Lt. Box step with ΒΌ turn Lt. touch Rt.
9 - 16 Repeat 1-8.

Section 3: Rt. Monteray, Step Pivot Half Turn, Step Fwd. On Rt. & Hold
17 - 20 Point Rt. to side, turn half turn Rt. step Rt. Beside Lt. point Lt. to Lt. step Lt beside Rt,
21 - 24 Step fwd. on Rt, pivot half turn Lt, step fwd on Rt & hold,

Section 4: Lt. Monteray , Rock Back On Lt. Fwd. On Rt. Make Half Turn Over Rt. Shoulder Stepping Bk, On Lt. & Hold
25 - 28 Point Lt. to Lt. side make half turn Lt step Lt. beside Rt. point Rt. to Rt. side, step Rt. beside Lt
29 - 32 Rock back on Lt. fwd. on Rt. make half turn over Rt. shoulder stepping back on Lt & hold

Section 5: Rt, Vine, Left Vine Three Quarter Turn Lt
33 - 36 Step Rt. to Rt. step Lt. behind Rt. step Rt. to side, touch Lt beside Rt
37 - 40 Step Lt. to Lt. side make quarter turn Lt, make 1/2 turn left stepping back on Rt, making half turn Lt, step back Lt step back Rt,

Section 6: Lt, & Rt, Heel Switches With Three Quarter Turn Lt
41-42 & Lt. heel fwd, hold. &
43-44 Bring Lt, back and touch Rt, fwd. hold
45 - 46 Bring Rt, back ,step fwd, onto Lt, hold
47 - 48 Step Rt, fwd, make quarter turn Lt, make half turn Lt onto Lt,

Note: On Walls 3, 8 , 11, & 12 Make These Changes.
1 - 8 Rt toe strut back, Lt toe strut back, half turn over Rt, shoulder, onto Rt and hold, quarter turn over Rt. Shoulder, on to Lt Foot and hold,
9 - 16 Repeat steps 17-24
17 - 24 Step fwd, Lt, hold, step fwd, Rt, hold, swing hips Lt, Rt, Lt Rt, Continue dance from count 25 through till end

ms bird September 22, 2012
i clicked on this for another rock with me, this is great . im a slso learn this one, i bet when i find the one i was actually looking for it will not be as detail.

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