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Santa Gone Yee-Haw

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High Beginner
Nancy Langsberg (BEL), Rob Fowler (ES) & I.C.E. (ES) - October 2020
Santa Went Country - Will Carter
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Intro: 16 counts (approx. 5 secs)

S1: R side, L together, R side, L touch, L side, R together, L side, R touch
1-4R step to right, step L next to R, R step to right, touch L next to R
5-8L step to left, step R next to L, L step to left, touch R next to L
S2: K step with clap
1-2Step R diag fwd R, touch L next to R and clap
3-4Step L diag back L, touch R next to L and clap
5-6Step R diag back R, touch L next to R and clap
7-8Step L diag fwd L, touch R next to L and clap
S3: R fwd, L hook behind (click fingers), L step back, R hitch (click fingers), ¼ R side, L hook over R (click fingers), L heel fwd, L flick (click fingers)
1-2R step fwd, L hook behind R (click fingers)
3-4L step back, R hitch (click fingers)
5-6Make ¼ to R stepping R to R side, L hook over R (click fingers) (3:00)
7-8L heel fwd, L flick (click fingers)
S4: L lock step, R scuff, R stomp fwd, twist heels R, L, R hitch
1-4L step fwd, R lock behind L, L step fwd, R scuff
5-8R stomp fwd, swivel both heels to R, swivel both heels to L (weight on L), R hitch
Start Over
TAG: At the end of Wall 2 (facing 6:00) and Wall 11 (facing 9:00) add the following 4 counts:
Step R, Brush Hands Down, Brush Hands Up, Click
1Step R to R side (keep weight on L)
2Brush both hands down by your sides
3Brush both hands up again
4Click fingers
ENDING: Wall 14 (facing 3:00)
During Wall 14, dance up to and including count 8 of S1 then make ¼ turn L and stomp R fwd

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