Love is a Miracle

Michelle Risley (UK) - October 2014
Your Love Is a Miracle - Mark Chesnutt : (Album: The Ultimate Collection)

Count In: 16 counts from start of track. Approx 100 bpm

Notes: There is 1 Restart, wall 3 dance 16 counts, Restart facing 9o/c

[1 – 8] R Rhumba Box Back, R Walk, L Walk, R Mambo Step
1 & 2Step Right Side, Left Together, Step Right Back 12oc
3 & 4Step Left Side, Right Together, Step Left Forward 12oc
5 – 6Walk Forward, Right, Left 12oc
7 & 8Rock Forward on Right, Recover weight on Left, Step back Right 12oc

[9 – 16] L Walk Back, R Walk Back, L Coaster Step, R Step ½ Pivot, R Step ¼ Pivot, R Touch
1 - 2Walk Back, Left, Right 12oc
3 & 4Step Back Left, Step Right next to Left, Step forward Left 12oc
5 – 6Step forward Right, Pivot ½ turn Left 6oc
7 & 8Step forward Right, Pivot ¼ turn Left, Touch Right next to Left **Restart here on wall 3 facing 9oc 3oc

[17 – 24] R Step, L Touch, L Step, R Kick, R-Behind, Side, Cross, L Step, R Touch, R Step, L Kick, L-Behind, Side, Cross,
1 & 2 &Step Right to Side, Touch Left next to Right, Step Left to Side, Kick Right to Right Diagonal 3oc
3 & 4Step Right Behind Left, Step Left to Side, Step Right Over Left 3oc
5 & 6 &Step Left to Side, Touch Right next to Left, Step Right to Side, Kick Left to Left Diagonal 3oc
7 & 8Step Left Behind Right, Step Right to Side, Step Left over Right 3oc

[25 – 32] R Point Side, L Point Side, R Heel, L Heel, & Step R Pivot ½ Turn Left, R Walk, L Walk
1 & 2 &Point Right to Right Side, Step Right next to Left, Point Left to Left Side, Step Left next to Right 3oc
3 & 4 &Tap Right Heel Forward, Step Right next to Left, Tap Left Heel Forward, Step Left in Place 3oc
5 – 6Step Forward Right, Pivot ½ over Left Shoulder 9oc
7 - 8Walk Forward, Right, Left (Alternatively Full Turn Forward Over Left Shoulder) 9oc

Restart During Wall 3 (Start facing 6oc) dance upto including count 16, Restart dance facing 9oc


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