A Christmas Truce

The Highlander (UK) - November 2014
Belleau Wood by Garth Brooks 123 bpm

(In Commemoration of the First World War)

Alt. music:- Old Soldiers by Hal Ketchum 127 bpm

Belleau Wood - 24 Count Intro, Start on the word “Snow”. 2 tags, at end of walls 1 & 2
Old Soldiers – 32 Count Intro, Start on the word “Hard”. No Tags or Restarts

Left Grapevine with a Sweep, Jazz Box Cross.
1-2Step L to left side, Step R behind L,
3-4Step L to left side, Sweep R forward,
5-6Step R across L, Step Back onto L,
7-8Step R to right side, Step L across R.

Side Drag, Back Rock, Step Forward, Full Spiral Turn right, Forward, Together.
1-2Step R to right, Drag L towards R,
3-4Rock back onto L, Recover,
5-6Step L forward, Full turn right on ball of L foot,
7-8Step R forward, Step L next to R.

Forward, Sweep, Weave Right, Sweep, Behind, Side.
1-2Step R forward, Sweep L forward,
3-4Step L across R, Step R to right,
5-6Step L behind R, Sweep R back,
7-8Step R behind L, Step L to left side.

Slow Cross Rock, Side, Forward Rock, ¼ left, Cross.
1-4Cross rock R over L, Hold, Recover onto L, Step R to right,
5-6Rock forward onto L, Recover,
7-8Turn 1/4 left stepping L to left side, Step R across L.

Side Rock, Cross, Side, Back, Sweep, Back, Sweep.
1-2Rock L to left side, Recover,
3-4Step L across R, Step R to right side,
5-6Step L back, Sweep R towards back,
7-8Step R back, Sweep L towards back.

Back Rock, ½ Turn right, ¼ Turn right, Cross Rock, Side Cross.
1-2Rock L back, Recover,
3-4Turn ½ right stepping back onto L, Turn ¼ turn right stepping R to right side,
5-6Cross rock L over R, Recover,
7-8Step L to left, Step R across L.

Side Drag, Back Rock, Side Drag, Back Rock,
1-2Step L to left, Drag R towards L,
3-4Rock back onto R, Recover,
5-6Step R to right, Drag L towards R,
7-8Rock Back onto L, Recover.

Slow Forward Mambo, Slow Coaster Cross
1-2Rock forward onto L, Recover,
3-4Step L back, Hold,
5-6Step R back, Step L next to R,
7-8Cross R over L, Hold.

For Belleau Wood only. 4 count tag at end of walls 1 & 2
1-2Sway Left, Hold
3-4Sway Right, Hold.

The music Belleau Wood has a couple of breaks in it which are just danced through.
The first break occurs during Section 5 of wall 3. Slow down very slightly during this break, starting Section 6 on the word “thought”
The second one occurs during section 3 of wall 5. Speed up slightly during this break, starting section 4 on the word “Just”

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