Homegrown Honey CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Benjamin Balisky, Jeremy Gutierrez & Annemarie Dunn (Nov 2014)
Homegrown Honey by Darius Rucker

START: at lyrics after 32counts
TAG/RESTART: at 4th wall @ counts 17-20

2 R stomps, 2 L stomps, Charleston step
1-2-3-4R stomp fwd-R stomp back-L stomp back-L stomp fwd
5-6-7-8R tap fwd-R step back-L tap back-L step fwd

R side shuffle, ½ R fire hydrant turn, cross-rock-step ¼ L pivot turn, Hitch w/ slap, 2 steps
1&2, 3-4R-L-R steps to right side, Lift L knee up for 2 ¼ R hitch turns (6:00)
5&6Cross L step over R –step R to R side –¼ L turn transferring weight to L fwd (3:00)
7&8R hitch w/ Dbl hand slap over knee – step R – step L (feet slightly apart 3:00)
TAG/RESTART at 4th wall do 17&18 same but 19-20 L step-touch R completing full turn so you return to 3:00 position to RESTART

¾ L Chase turn, ¾ L Spiral turn-step***, R hitch, R side rock-step-cross, L step
1&2¼ L turn into R side step - ¼ turn weight onto L- ¼ turn R side step(6:00)
3-4Lift L knee up while continuing to spin ¾ turn L w/ weight on R, step fwd L (9:00)
***3&4 OPTIONAL BASIC repeat another ¾ L chase turn L-R-L instead of spiral turn
5,6&7,8R hitch, R side step-transfer weight to L-cross R over L, step L to L side (9:00)

2 tap-steps, 2 skate steps, slide-step
1-2-3-4tap R nxt to L- step R to R side – tap L nxt to R – step L to L side
5&6&step R to side- draw in L nxt to R – step L to side – draw in R next to L
7-8take a big R step to R side (slide) draw in L and step L (9:00)

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Created 11/24/14