Your Loving Arms

Vikki Morris (UK) - January 2015
Thinking Out Loud - Ed Sheeran

Start: 32 counts on the word “I”

S1: Walk Right, Step Left, ¼ Right Cross Left, ½ Turn Left, Cross Right, Sway Left , Sway Right ¼ Left, Modified Sailor
1Walk forward Right
2&3Step forward Left, Turn ¼ turn Right stepping Right next to Left (&), Cross Left over Right (3 o clock)
4&5Turn ¼ turn Left stepping back on Right, Turn ¼ turn Left stepping Left to Left side (&), Cross Right over Left (9 o clock)
6 7Sway Left, Sway onto Right as you turn ¼ turn Left and sweep Left out and around (6 o clock)
8&1Cross Left behind Right, Step Right to Right side (&), Step forward Left

S2: Press Right, Recover Left, Back Right Sweep Left, Back Left Sweep Right, Right Coaster Step, Walk Left, Step Right, ¼ Turn Left, Cross Right
2&Press Ball of Right forward, Recover on Left
3 4Step back on Right and Sweep Left out and back, Step back on Left and sweep Right out and back
5&6Step back on Right, Step Left next to Right (&), Step forward Right
7Walk forward Left
8&1Step forward Right, Turn ¼ turn Left stepping Left next to Right (&), Cross Right over Left (3 o clock)

S3: Left Rumba Box, Rock Back Left (Prep Step), Recover Right, Triple Right Full Turn Forward
2&3Step Left to Left side, Step Right next to Left (&), Step forward Left
4&5Step Right to Right Side, Step Left next to Right (&), Step back on Right
6 7Rock back on Left opening body out 1/8 turn Left (Prep step), Recover on Right
8&1Turn full turn forward over Right on Left, Right, Left

S4: Right Cross Rock, Recover Left, Right Side Rock, Recover Left, Right Behind, Left Side, Step Forward Right, Step Left ½ Pivot Right, Step Left, Left Full Turn Forward
2&3&Cross rock Right over Left, Recover on Left (&), Rock Right to Right side, Recover on Left (&)
4&5Cross Right behind Left, step Left to Left side (&), Step forward Right
6&7Step forward Left, Pivot ½ turn Right, Step forward Left (extended 5th position)
8&Turn ½ turn Left Stepping back on Right, Turn ½ turn Left stepping forward Left (9 o clock)


TAG: End of walls 3 & 7 both facing 3 o clock
Prissy Walks Right Left Right, Step Forward Left, Pivot ½ Turn Right, Step forward Left, Prissy Walks Right, Left, Step forward Right, Pivot ½ Turn Left
1 2 3Walk forward Right, Walk Left in front of Right, Walk Right in front of Left
4&5Step forward Left, Pivot ½ turn Right (&), Step forward Left
6 7Walk Right in front of Left, Walk Left in front of Right
8&Step forward Right, Pivot ½ turn Left

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