Easy House of Cards

Lyn Booth (AUS) - January 2015
House of Cards - Janet Devlin : (Single - iTunes - 3:15)

Introduction: 16 Counts (2 Tags at the end of wall 2 and 6)

Step R to side Tap L, Step L to side Tap R, Rocking Chair – Rock forward and back
1-2Step Right to Right, Tap Left beside Right
3-4Step Left to Left, Tap Rith beside Left
5-6Rock Right fwd, Replace Left
7-8Rock Right back, Replace Left

Heel-toe Struts Forward Right and Left, Step R fwd Pivot ½ L, Shuffle fwd R
1-2Heel-toe strut fwd Right foot
3-4Heel-toe strut fwd Left foot
5-6Step Right fwd, Pivot ½ turn to Left (weight L)
7&8Shuffle fwd Right-Left-Right

Heel-toe Struts Forward Left and Right, Step L fwd Pivot ¼ R, Cross Shuffle L over R
1-2Heel-toe strut fwd on Left foot
3-4Heel-toe strut fwd on Right foot
5-6Step L fwd and ¼ Pivot to Right
7&8Cross Shffle Left over Right traveling to Right, L-R-L

Vine to Right, Touch, Vine to Left, Touch
1-2Step Right to Right Side, Step Left Behind Right
3-4Step Right to Side, Touch Left beside Right
5-6Step Left to Left Side, Step Right behind Left
7-8Step Left to Left Side, Tough Right beside Left

[32] Count

TAGS: at the end of Wall 2 and the end of Wall 6 - Both Tags facing Back Wall:
Heel-toe Struts Fwd, Rocking Chair - Hold
1-2-3-4Heel-toe struts Right and Left traveling forward
5-6-7-8Rock fwd Right replace Left, Step back Right, Hold

Toe-Heel Stuts Backwards, Rocking Chair - Hold
1-2-3-4Toe-heel struts Left and Right traveling backwards
5-6-7-8Rock back Left replace Right, Step fwd Left, Hold

Jaz Box Cross
1-2-3-4Step R across L, Step back on L, Step R to Side, Step L slightly across Right

Ending of music/dance faces the front wall - On count 23&24 cross shuffle and Hold

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