House Party

Adrian Lefebour (AUS) & Jessica Lamb (AUS) - February 2015
House Party - Sam Hunt : (Album: Montevallo)

Notes: 16 count intro from the start of the song.

[1-8] Heel Step, Heel Step, Heel Flick, Heel Hook, Step, Replace, Coaster Step
1&2&Place R heel up, Step R foot next to L, Place L heel up, Step L foot next to R
3&4&Place R heel up, Flick R foot back, Place R heel up, Hook R foot in front of L
5,6Step R fwd, Replace weight back on L
7&8Step R back, Step L next to R, Step R fwd (R coaster step)

[9-16] Step, 1/4 Pivot Turn, Cross Shuffle, 1/4 Turn, 1/4 Turn, Step Hip Bumps
1,2Step L fwd, 1/4 Pivot Turn R (3.00)
3&4Cross Shuffle L over R stepping L R L
5,61/4 Turn L Step R back, 1/4 Turn L Step L to L side (9.00)
7&8Step R fwd and bump hips fwd back fwd

[17-24] Step Across, Step Back, 1/4 Side Shuffle, Step Across, Point, Cross Samba
1,2Step L over R, Step R back
3&41/4 Turn L side Shuffle to L (6.00)
5,6Step R Across L, Point L toe to L side
7&8Step L across R, Step R to R side, Step L to L side

[25-32] Step R, Replace, Together, Step L, Replace, Together, Step, 1/2 Pivot Turn, Full Turn
1,2&Step R fwd, Replace weight back on L, Step R next to L (weight on R)
3,4&Step L fwd, Replace weight back on R, Step L next to R (weight on L)
5,6Step R fwd, 1/2 Pivot Turn L (12.00)
7,81/2 Turn L Step R back, 1/2 Turn L Step L fwd (12.00) RESTART

[33-40] Weave L, Point, Weave R, Point
1&2&Step R across L, Step L to L side, Step R behind L, Step L to L side
3,4Step R across L, Touch L toe to L side
5&6&Step L across R, Step R to R side, Step L behind R, Step R to R side
7,8Step L across R, Touch R toe to R side

[41-48] Step, Sway Hips, Step, Sway Hips, 1/2 Walk Around
1,2Step R foot down, Sway hips R
3,4Step L foot down, Sway hips L
5,6,7,8Walk around stepping R L R L whilst making a 1/2 Turn over R shoulder (6.00)


RESTART: Wall 3 – Restart dance after the first 32 counts at the front wall.

FINISH: Wall 7 – Dance to count 32 then do a 1/2 Pivot Turn to finish at the front.

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Adrian Lefebour – 0412 207 745 -
Jessica Lamb – 0404 052 699 -

Last Update – 18th Feb 2015