Your Side Of Town

High Beginner
Bobbey Willson (USA) - February 2015
Your Side of Town - Maddie & Tae

S1: Heel Switches RL,RL, Stompx2 Kick-Ball Change
1&2&Touch R heel fwd, Step R to L, Touch L heel fwd, Step L to R
3&4&Touch R heel fwd, Step R to L, Touch L heel fwd, Step L to R
5 6 7&8Stomp R, Stomp R, Kick R, Step on ball of R, Step L

S2: Shuffle RLR Roc-Rec, Back Shuffle LRL Turn1/4left Step R Step L
1&2 3 4Step fwd R, Step L to R, Step fwd R, Rock fwd L, Recover on R
5&6Step back L, Step R to L, Step back L
7 8Turn 1/4left and step back R, step L
*TAG here during Wall 6 after lyrics - “You’re way too close”
*1 2 3 4 R Stomp, R Stomp, Clap, Clap

S3: R Touches, R Sailor, L Touches, L Sailor
1 2Touch R fwd, Touch R to right
3&4Step R behind L, Step L (in place), Step R to L
5 6Touch L fwd, Touch L to left
7&8Step L behind R, Step R (in place), Step L to R

S4: Steps Fwd RLR w/Hitch, 2 Steps Back Left Triple
1 2Step fwd R, Step fwd L
3 4Step fwd R, Hitch L (with hands out in stop position)
5 6Step back L, Step back R
7&8Turning 1/4left step L to left, Step R to L, Step L to R

S5: Hip Bumps RR, Hip Bumps LL, Roc-Recw/Turn, Chasse RLR
1 2Step fwd R and bump R hip, Bump R hip
3 4Step fwd L and bump L hip, Bump L hip
5 6Rock fwd R, Turn 1/4 right and Recover weight on L
7&8Step R to right, Step L to R, Step R to right

S6: Roc-Rec Coaster, Body Turns 1/2right and 1/2left with steps
1 2 3&4Rock fwd L, Recover on R, Step back L, Step R to L, Step fwd L
5 6Turn 1/4right and step R, Turn face and upper body 1/4right
7 8Turn face and upper body 1/4left, Turn1/4left and touch R to L

*Steps are all Beginner, syncopation raises the dance level to Improver

*Tag occurs during Wall 6 after counts 1-16 right after when the ladies sing
“If you can hear that train running down the tracks, You’re way too close”