Snow Girl Charleston

Carrie Ann Green (ES) - February 2015
Snowgirl (feat. Lou Bega) - Hermes House Band

Intro: 16 Counts (from beat after trumpet intro) on the word ´Snow´ - No Tags, No Restarts

Section 1: Facing Right Diagonal, Heel, Toe, Right Lock Right, Left Charleston Step
1-2Tap right heel forward, Tap right toe back
3&4Step forward on right, lock left behind right, step forward on right
(Optional arm movements – Push palms at chest level forward and back)
5-6Touch Left toe forward, step back on Left
7-8Touch Right toe back, step forward on Right

Section 2: 3/8 Turn Left Jazz Box, Chasse Left, Back Rock Step
1-2Cross Left over Right, Step back on the Right making a 3/8 turn Left (9.00)
3-4Step Left To Left and Cross Right over Left
5&6Step Left to Left side, bring Right next to Left, step Left to Left side
7&8Cross rock Right behind Left, Recover weight to Left, Step to side on Right (weight on Right)

Section 3: Behind Side Cross, Point ¼ Hook Step, Walk Around ¾ Turn Right with 4 Steps
1&2Cross step Left behind Right, step Right to side, cross step Left over Right
3&4Point Right to side. Turn ¼ Right hooking Right across Left. Step Right forward (12.00)
5-8Step Left forward, step Right ¼ turn Right, Step Left ¼ turn right, Step Right ¼ Turn Right
(Walking in a nice Clockwise circle movement with optional Jazzy hands) (9.00)

Section 4: Step Out, Step Out, Left Coaster Step, Right Charleston Step
1-2Step Left out to Left diagonal (push hip to the side) Step Right out to Right diagonal (push hip to the side)
3&4Step back on Left, Step Right beside Left. Step forward Left
5-6Touch Right toe forward, step back on Right
7-8Touch Left toe back, step forward on Left

At end of wall 10 to finish dance you will be facing the back wall – section 2 on count 7&8, on the back rock recover make a half turn over your left shoulder to face the front wall.