Shake It Off CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Phrased High Beginner
Campbell Miller & Thain Maurer (Feb 2015)
Shake It Off by Taylor Swift 160 BPM (counted at 80 BPM)

Intro: 8 count intro - Start weight on L
Sequence: A, B, A, B+, A-, POSES, B+, freestyle to end

Note: this is much simpler than it looks. The steps are easy, there's a lot of repetition, and the steps follow the music.

PART A (48 actual counts but only 32 easy steps because of repeats, and only one turn that's optional)
1-2, 3&4SSQQS: Slide side R, slide L, chasse R (optional styling: "snake" or "Egyptian" arms)
5-6, 7&8SSQQS: Slide L, slide R, chasse L (styling as above)
1-2, 3&4SSQQS: Step forward R, L, step-lock-step (think of count 4 as a rock; prep movement back)
5-6, 7&8SSQQS: Step BACK L, R, back-lock-back (harder option triple left 360 on 7&8)

[17-32] REPEAT previous 16 counts

NOTE: The next steps are done when she sings "But I keep cruisin' . . ."
1-2SS: Step side R, cross step L over R (optional styling: swing arms to R with step R, swing arms L with cross step)
3&4QQS: Chasse R (styling: push arms up-down-up; as you swing your arms down, turn left)
5-6, 7&8SSQQS: Step side L, cross step R over L, chasse L (same styling)
1-2, 3&4SSQQS: Step side R, cross step L over R, chasse R (same styling)
5-6-7SSS: Step side L, cross step R over L, step side L
&8&QQQ: Clap 3X

PART B (32 counts, all syncopated; this is mostly hands (the hand jive) when she sings "But the players gonna play play play play . . . .")
1&2&3&4&all Bringing R in, you can bounce on heels or bump to keep time while you do the hand
5&6&7&8&quick: jive: slap thighs 2X, clap 2X, cross hands 2X, switch and repeat cross hands 2X (doesn't matter which goes on top first), make fists and hit them together 2X; switch and repeat fists; "hitchhike" R thumb over R shoulder 2X; "hitchhike" L thumb over L shoulder 2X
1&2&3&4&" Bounce while turning left 360 (optional styling: raise arms and shake hands high to low as you turn; dancers may omit turn and bounce/bump in place while shaking hands; end with weight even)
5&6&7&8&" Twist in place, ending weight even or on L
1-16REPEAT previous 16 counts, ending weight L to go into slide R for Part A

PART B+ (After the second Part B, keep twisting for 16 counts.
1-16all quick See above; end weight L

PART A- (She's talking/rapping rather than singing these verses. She doesn't sing "But I keep cruisin" so you won't do the side, crosses; substitute the poses/holds below.)
1-24As above; you'll dance through the chasse L and you're ready to step forward.
1-2, 3&4SSQQS: Step forward R, L, step-lock-step (think of count 4 as a rock; prep movement back)
5-6Step back L, R
7-8-1SSS: Strike a pose, strike a pose, strike a pose (boom, boom, boom—be creative)
2-3-4SSS: HOLD until the music begins for the hand jive, your last Part B

FREESTYLE: After the last Part B hand jive, there are 32 counts left. Twist like you did for B+ for 16 counts, then do your own thing for the last 16 counts. Refer to the UT intermediate social dance video featuring the choreographers on YouTube.

This step sheet was adapted by Lisa McCammon, who is responsible for any errors.
It has been reviewed by Campbell Miller. All rights reserved. Published February 2015.

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