Full Control (aka Rodeo)

Kelly Cavallaro (USA) & Trevor Thornton (USA) - March 2015
Rodeo - Lenny Cooper

[1-8] Slide, Slide, Walks
1,2Take giant step to the right with the right foot, slide left foot in touching next to the right
3,4Take giant step to the left with the left foot, slide right in touching next to left
5-8Walk backwards right, left, right, touch left next to right.

[9-16] Turning Box, Body Rolls
1,2Step left foot forward, Step right foot back turning a ¼ turn left. (9:00)
3,4Step left foot forward turning ¼ turn to the left (6:00), Step right foot back turning a ¼ turn left. (3:00)
5,6Body roll with weight staying on right foot
7,8Step left foot to the left side, while doing a body roll, transferring weight to left. (facing 3:00)
[body rolls will happen while facing 3 o’clock, but you will roll facing the diagonals, 1 o’clock/4 o’clock]

[17-24] Coaster step, Foot Slide, Turning shuffle
1&2Step right foot back, step left foot back next to right, step right foot forward
3,4Step left toe next to right, press down onto left heel while sliding right foot back (weight remains on the left)
5,6Rock right foot forward, recover back onto left
7&8Shuffle right, left, right while doing a ½ turn to the right. (9:00)

[25-32] Fwd traveling Lock steps, Out/Out Hip Rolls
1,2&3Step left out to the left (on a diagonal) , lock right foot behind left, step left to the left (&), step right foot forward (on opposite diagonal)
4&5,6Lock left foot behind right, step right foot to the right side (&), step left foot out to the left (5), step right foot out to the right (6)
7&8Roll rips counter clockwise with weight ending on left.

Repeat And Enjoy!!!!!!

See walk thru video https://youtu.be/-WEBYayTgDw
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