I Am Somebody

Donna Manning (USA) - March 2015
Somebody (feat. Jeremih) - Natalie La Rose

NO Tags Or Restarts

Sec. 1 (1-8) Step Back (w/ body roll), Ball-Step, Step Back – X2
1-2, &3,4Start body roll as you Step R back toed out, finish body roll top to bottom on count 2, bring ball of L to R, Step R slightly back, Step L back
5-6, &7,8Repeat 1-4 (12:00)

Sec.2 (9-16) Coaster Step, Walk, Walk, Step, Heel Swivels, Back, Hitch
1&2, 3,4,5Step R back, bring L to R, step R fwrd, walk fwrd L-R, step L fwrd just taking weight to ball of L
6&7&8Swivel both heels to L, back to center, both heels out to L, back to center taking weight to R, Small hitch w/ L sitting back on R leg (12:00)

Sec. 3 (17-24) Step, Point, Step, Point, Step, Ronde ¼ Turn , Cross, Step Back
1,2,3,4Step L fwrd, point R to R side, Step R fwrd, Point L to L side
5,6,7,8Step L fwrd, Sweep R back to front as you turn ¼ to L, cross R over L, Step L back (9:00)

Sec.4 (25-32) ½ of a Hip Circle R-L, ¼ Turn, Step, ½ Turn, ¼ Turn
1-2, 3-4Step R to R side as you roll hips to R for 1-2, Roll hips back to L taking weight to L for 3-4
5,6,7,8¼ turn R stepping on R, Step L fwrd, ½ turn R taking weight to R, ¼ turn R stepping L to L side (9:00)


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