Lets Marvin Gaye AB

Absolute Beginner
Suzi Beau (ENG) - April 2015
Charlie Puth - 'Marvin Gaye' ft. Meghan Trainor

Intro: 4 counts Start on main beat on the word ON

SECTION 1: Right toe strut, back rock, Left toe strut, back rock (with optional finger clicks)
1,2Step on right toe, drop the heel down (styling click fingers as you drop heel)
3,4Rock back onto left foot recover on right
5,6Step on left toe, drop the heel down (styling click fingers as you drop heel)
7,8Rock back on to right recover on left

SECTION 2: Vine to the right touch and click, vine to left ¼ brush (click)
1,2Step right to right side, step left behind right
3,4Step right to right side, touch left to right (angle body to right diagonal and click fingers)
5,6,Step left to left side, step right behind left
7,8Turn ¼ left stepping forward left, brush right by left (click fingers)

SECTION 3: Step right diagonal touch, Step left diagonal touch, Walk back right left right left
1,2Step forward right to right diagonal, touch left to right
3,4Step forward left to left diagonal, tough right to left
5,6Walk back right, walk back left
7,8Walk back right , step left beside right

SECTION 4: Point right , point left step pivot ¼ Stomp Stomp
1,2Point right to right side, replace next to left
3,4Point left to left side, replace next to right
5,6Step forward right, pivot ¼ left
7,8Stomp right in place, stomp left in place

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