Crooked Halo CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Beginner / Intermediate
Kristal Lynn Konzen – April 2015
"Crooked Halo" by Annie Bosko

**Please do not alter this stepsheet in any way, unless granted specific permission by Kristal Lynn Konzen.**

Hold first three eight counts. Begin dance when Annie begins singing on 3rd 8 count
Dance should begin with weight on your Left foot

Section 1: Lock Steps with Scuff, Step Pivots, Coaster Step
&1&2&Scuff Right foot into Right Lock Step
3&4&Scuff Left foot into Left Lock Step
5&6&Step Right forward, pivot left half turn (6:00), Step Right pivot half turn (12:00)
7&8Coaster with Left foot, Left, together Right, forward Left

Section 2: Skater Steps Right, Skater to Left into Full Left Turn
1, 2, 3&4Skate Right foot out, skate to Left, Right, Together, Right
5,6Skate onto Left, Skate onto Right
7&8Full turn (L-R-L) ending (12:00) with feet together

Section 3: Scuff Right to side, Toe heel toe, Step Flick, Triple Step
1, 2Scuff Right out to Right side, Plant Right foot
3&4Right toe swivels in, heel swivels in, toe swivels in
5,6Step Right to side, Flick half turn onto Left Foot, flicking Right behind
7&8Triple step forward (9:00), Right Left Right

Section 4: Backward Rond de Jambes, Sailor, Back Toe Touch Turn, Hop Out In Out
1, 2Shift weight to Left foot to sweep Right back, ending with weight on R, sweep Left back
3&4Sailor quarter turn to Right (R-L-R)
5,6Touch left toe behind Right, unwind over Left shoulder, end facing beginning wall with feet together
7&8Jump feet apart, Jump together, Jump feet apart

Section 5: Left ¼ Turn to Right Hitch, Three steps, Heel Switches to Touch, Tap & Scuff
1&2Step Left and quarter turn to sweep Right foot through to hitch (9:00)
3&4Step back Right, Left, and turn back to beginning wall Right foot (feet open)
5&6&Right heel, replace Left heel forward, replace Right, hit Right foot
7&8Step Left quarter turn (9:00), Right foot touches in to meet Left foot, and scuffs out Right

*No Tags, No Restarts. There is a bridge in the song, but just dance through it.*
**Finish dance with R foot cross over left, slowly unwind when she sings “Crooked Halo”**

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