Let's Stomp

Vickie Smith - March 2015
Stomp by: Jared Blake

Alt. music:-
Strut By: Cheetah Girls
Fake I.D. By: Big & Rich
Strut Your Funky Stuff By: Funky Groove

Stomp Twice, Behind & In Front- Repeat With L
1-2, 3&4Stomp R Twice, Step R Behind L, L To L, In Front With R
5-6, 7&8Stomp L Twice, Step L Behind R, R To R, In Front With L

Heel Forward Twice, Coaster Step - Repeat With L
9-10, 11&12Touch R Heel Forward Twice, Back R-L, Forward On R
13-14, 15&16Touch L Heel Forward Twice, Back L-R, Forward On L

Step 1/2 Turn L-R Shuffle, Step 1/4 Turn R, L Shuffle
17-18, 19&20Step R Forward, Pivot 1/2 Turn L, R Shuffle (R-L-R)
21-22, 23&24Step Forward L, Pivot 1/4 Turn R, L Shuffle (L-R-L)

Across R, Back L-Shuffle In Place, Across L ,Back R , Shuffle 1/4 Turn L
25-26, 27&28Step Across With R, Back On L- Shuffle In Place (R-L-R)
29-30, 31&32Step Across With L, Back On R- Shuffle 1/4 Turn L (L-R-L)

Repeat And Have Fun

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