Like Coca Cola In Hollywood CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Wil Bos – May 2015
"We're Here To Stay" by Jim Devine (single) 192 Bpm (written on 96 Bpm)

Intro: 16 slow counts

Walk x2, Mambo, Walk x2, Coaster Cross
1-2RF walk forward, LF walk forward
3&4RF rock forward, LF recover, RF step back
5-6LF walk back, RF walk back
7&8LF step back, RF close, LF cross over

Scissor, Chassé ¼ Turn R, ½ Turn R Hitch Clap x2, Coaster
1&2RF step side, LF close, RF cross over
3&4LF step side, RF close, LF ¼ right step back
5&6&RF ½ right step forward, LF hitch and clap, LF ½ right step back, RF hitch and clap
7&8RF step back, LF close, RF step forward

Cross Mambo x2, Vaudeville, Cross Shuffle
1&2LF rock across, RF recover, LF step side
3&4RF rock across, LF recover, RF step side
5&6&LF cross over, RF step right back, LF dig heel diag. left forward, LF close
7&8RF cross over, LF step side, RF cross over

Side, Touch (x2), Chassé ¼ Turn L, Mambo, ¼ Turn L Sailor Stomp
1&2&LF step side, RF touch beside, RF step side, LF touch beside
3&4LF step side, RF close, LF ¼ left step forward
5&6RF rock forward, LF recover, RF step back
7&8LF ¼ left cross behind, RF step beside, LF stomp forward

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