Marvin Gaye

Mike Hitchen (UK) - May 2015
Marvin Gaye (feat. Meghan Trainor) - Charlie Puth

#32 count intro - No Tags No Restarts

Section 1: Cross Rock, Side Chasse, Cross Rock, Side Chasse 1/4 Turn left.
1-2Cross rock right over left, Recover to left.
3&4Step right to side, Step left together, Step right to side.
5-6Cross rock left over right, Recover to right.
7&8Step left to side, Step right together, Step left 1/4 turn left.

Section 2: Full Turn Left. Rock Step, Step lock step, Touch Turn.
1-2Turn 1/2 turn left stepping right back, 1/2 Turn left stepping left forward.
3-4Rock forward on right, Recover to left.
5&6Step right back, Lock left over right, Step right back.
7-8Touch left toe back. Unwind 1/2 turn left. (Weight on left)

Section 3: Right Crossing Samba, Left Samba 1/4 Turn Left, Cross Shuffle, 1/2 Turn Touch.
1&2Cross right over left, Rock left to side, Recover to right.
3&4Cross left over right, Step right back 1/4 turn left, Step left to side.
5&6Cross right over left, Step left to side, Cross right over left.
7-8Turn 1/4 turn right stepping left back. Turn 1/4 turn right touching right to side.

Section 4: 2 X Cross Touches, Jazz Box 1/4 Turn Left.
1-2Cross right over left, Touch left to side.
3-4Cross left over right, Touch right to side.
5-6Cross right over left, Step left back.
7-8Step right 1/4 turn right, Step left forward.