Fire Under My Feet

Jo Kinser (UK), John Kinser (UK), Ruben Luna (USA) & Sobrielo Philip Gene (SG) - May 2015
Fire Under My Feat by Leona Lewis (3.34 mins) iTunes Single

Start the dance on the vocals 48 counts in (0.31 sec).

[1-8] R Lock Step, Step, Scuff Hitch - Point, Swivel R-L, Walk Fwd, 1/4 Turn L
1&2&Step R fwd, Lock L behind R, Step R fwd, Step L fwd
3&4Scuff R heel fwd, Hitch R knee up, Straighten and point R toe back
5,6Swivel 1/4 turn right (weight R) (3:00), Swivel 1/4 turn left (weight L) (12:00)
7&8Step R fwd, Step L fwd, Make 1/4 turn left stepping R to right side (9:00)

[9-16] L Sailor Step, Weave L, Walk 1/4 1/4, 1/4 L Shuffle Fwd
1&2Step L behind right, Rock R to right side, Step L to left
3&4Step R behind left, Step L to left side, Cross R in front of left
5,6Make 1/4 turn left stepping L fwd, Make 1/4 turn left stepping R fwd
7&8Make 1/4 turn left stepping L fwd, Step R next to left, Step L fwd (12:00)
Both Restarts happen here on the back wall during walls 3 & 6.

[17-24] Rock - Sweep, R Sailor Step, Ball Step Cross, Syncopated Box
1,2Rock R fwd, Recover weight L while sweeping R front to side
3&4Step R behind left, Rock L to left, Step R to right
&5,6Step L next to right, Step R to right, Cross L over right
7&8Step R back, Step L to left, Cross R over left (12:00)

[25-32] L Back, 1/4 R, Cross Rock Side, Rocking Chair &, Step 1/2 Turn
1,2Step L back, Make 1/4 turn right stepping R to right side (3:00)
3&4Cross rock L over right, Recover weight R, Step L to left
5&6&Rock R fwd, Recover weight L, Rock R Back, Recover weight L
7,8Step R fwd, Make 1/2 turn left (weight L) (9:00)

Restarts happen on wall: 3 (6:00), & wall 6 facing (12:00), dance 16 counts of the dance and restart.

Keep Dancin!

*3ConCrew (05/15), choreographed at Wild Wild West, Reno.
Jo & John Kinser:
Ruben Luna:
Philip Sobrielo: