Long Time Gone

Gavin Preedy – May 2015
Long Time Gone by Nathan Carter

#64 count intro

Section One: Point left toe out, in, out, hold, behind, side, cross, hold.
1-2point Left toe out, touch left beside right.
3-4point left toe out, hold.
Restart here on wall 8 replacing count 4 with a touch left beside right.
5-6step left foot behind right, step right foot to right side.
7-8cross left foot over right, hold.

Section Two: Point right toe out, in, out, hold behind, side, cross hold.
1-2point right toe out, touch right beside left.
3-4point right toe out, hold.
5-6step right foot behind left, step left foot to left side.
7-8cross right foot over left, hold.

Section Three: Side together, step forward left, hold. Right shuffle forward, hold.
1-2step left foot to left side, close right foot next to left.
3-4step left foot forward, hold
5-6step right foot forward, close left foot next to right.
7-8step right foot forward, hold.

Section Four: Left mambo forward, right sailor 1/4 turn right.
1-2rock left foot forward, recover weight onto right.
3-4close left foot next to right, hold
Restart here replacing count 4 with step back onto right foot.
5-6make a 1/4 turn right by sweeping right behind left. Step down onto right foot.
7-8step left foot to left side, step right foot to right side.

Restarts: both at 9 o'clock
Wall 4. Section 4. - Replace count 4 for a step back onto right foot then Restart the dance.
Wall 8. Section 1. - Replace count 4 for touch left foot beside right then Restart the dance.

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