Before Somebody Gets Hurt (mini) CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Dwight Birkjær (June 2015)
Before Somebody Gets Hurt by Kevin Fowler

Intro 32 count

Rocking Chair, Toe strut ½ turn, Toe strut ½ turn
1-4Rock fwd. R, recover L, rock back R, recover L
5-8½ turn left R toe touch, R heel down, ½ turn left L toe touch, L heel down

Vaudeville left, Heel Switches L-R
1-4Cross R over L, L to side, R heel tap, R beside L
5-8L heel tap, L beside R, R heel tap, R beside L

Vaudeville right, Step ½ turn, Step ½ turn
1-4Cross L over R, R to side, L heel tap, L beside R
5-8Step R fwd. ½ turn left, step fwd. R, ½ turn left
Restart Wall 9

Vine right, Flick, ½ turn flick, back rock
1-4R to side, L behind R, R to side, Flick L behind R
5-8¼ turn left, ¼ turn left flick R behind L, rock back R, recover L